To create a UXi site from one of the Rain Maker designs, start with Madwire's Best Website Design Gallery.

You will normally have a reference from a specific vertical, or industry.  We have example sites from every industry from accounting to yoga, but regardless of the industry, your starting point design will be based on a light or dark version of one of the base themes.

For example, if a client wishes to start with Rain Maker 24000 Light:
On the other hand, if they request to start with Rain Maker 2400 Dark:

To find the specific URL to use as a starting point, click View Live Demo, and find the Demo URL, something like would require using as the starting point.

In Mad Office

  1. Navigate to the Mockups tab :
  2. Click "Add Mockup" button :
  3. Select a vertical. Use 'Business' if none available
  4. Select the proper Rain Maker Start point
  5. Select a URL for the site to display on while in development :

    When creating a new mockup URL, DO NOT use the site's final domain.  For example, if the site being built will go to domain on, do not use as the mockup URL, instead, use something like:

    While this may seem trivial, it can lead to complications when moving the site to it's live domain. If a mockup is in development on a site that matches its final live domain, please use the New Domain tool in Mad Office to update it.

  6. Click "Add"

The process normally takes a couple minutes. You can find it right away via search, however, if you log in too soon styles will not be finished and you will get booted out when the site is fully created, so it is recommended to wait until you can refresh the mockups page and see it top of the list. Then it's truly ready.

Once the site is created, it can be moved to a new domain via the 'New Domain' tool or associated to a client account by clicking 'Associate'

Now it's time to log in and set up a new UXi site! The next step will be filling out the Company Info.