Manage Badges 


    Found on the The Manage Badges section, this is used to setup, edit, and choose badges and/or review widgets to embed on a business website or to include in email correspondence with customers.

    If you have multiple websites that you would like to create badges for, you can use the "Add New Badge" button. Fill out the Update Badge section, and then click Update Badge at the bottom. From that point on, you will have multiple badges, and these can be edited by using the "Selecta badge to edit" dropdown. Please note that you can only have one badge for each domain, so you will never be able to have several different versions of a badge for one website.

    There are three different categories of badges to choose from: Top Rated Local, Top Rated National, and Top Rated Ecommerce. You can select which type you want to use on your website from the "Select a badge type" dropdown.

    The Badge You Can Place Anywhere includes the option to add a small or regular sized badge, as well as an option to add a list of reviews to your website. You can edit the Header and Sub Header to better personalize your badge, but keep in mind that the number of characters are limited due to the size of these badges.

    The Badge That's Fixed To Bottom of Screen has options to put it on the bottom left or bottom right of your website, and includes a preview of the alternate badge that will show up when your site is viewed on a mobile device.

    Once you have edited your badge to look how you want, and have selected the type, size, and or placement of the badge, the next step is to add that badge to your webpage. Below the badge you have selected, click on 'View/Copy Embed Code'. Copy the code onto your website before the closing </body> tag.