Edit Listing    

    Found on the Listing tab, on the left hand side of the page,  the Edit Listing section contains information about your business listing. 


    The top section contains Business Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, and URL. The information found in this section is provided during the initial business setup, and is not editable by end users. Users can use the “Report Incorrect Info” link here to send a request to have any of this information corrected or updated. Something to keep in mind about this section is that when you change this information, it can have adverse affects on that business's rating score. If the Business name, address, or URL do not match the name and address of reviews found online, then those reviews will likely not be pulled into Top Rated Local.


    The section directly below the business listing information section contains items that are editable by the user. You can upload a new logo directly in this section, and you can also input your business hours, areas serviced, and any tags that would be applicable to your business.

Listing Preview    

    The Listing Preview shows you what your listing will look like in Top Rated Local when it comes up in a search.

Staff Favorite Listing Preview    

    You must upgrade to the Reputation Plus plan to take advantage of the Staff Favorite listings. This feature gets you guaranteed top placement as a Staff Favorite on the search listings pages, listed above the rankings, in addition to your listing being shown in the search results. Your listing will also have a custom icon on the Google maps shown along with these searches, so customers are directed to your business.


    The Staff Favorite Listing Preview will show you how this listing will appear to customers, and gives you an opportunity to verify that the buttons that will be shown are functioning correctly. In this manner, you can verify that the Visit Website, Call Now, and Special Offers buttons are all setup and functioning correctly.

Premium Features    

    The Premium Features section is found right below the Edit Listing section on the left hand side of the listing page. The information here is used for the Staff Favorite Listing.

Special Offers    

    You can use the “Add Offer” link found in the Premium Features section to open the Special Offers Builder. This allows you to create special offers to promote your business. You can then promote these Special Offers via email, text, Facebook, or Twitter.