Create Badge:  

    Provide your domain name and type of company below. For example, if you are a plumbing company, type "Plumber" so the seal reads "Top Rated Local Plumber". Click Create Badge then click Copy Embed Code and copy/paste the code provided into your webpage HTML to display your Top Rated Local® badge

Badge Type:

    There are several badge types to choose from: Corner With Custom Text, Inline With Custom Text, Display Rating Score, Show Top Rated Local Overall Average, and Large Reviews Widget. As you select each, the badge preview on the right will update to show you what each selection looks like. Choose whichever badge type works best for your website.

Business Type:

    There are three different categories of badges to choose from: Top Rated Local, Top Rated National, and Top Rated Ecommerce. Choose whichever type applies best for your business listing.


    The options for Fix Left and Fix Right will display when you have chosen the badge types of Corner with Custom Text,” “Display Rating Score,” and “Show Top Rated Local Overall Average.

Click Behavior:

    When a visitor to your website clicks on the Top Rated Local badge this action chooses whether it will open in a popup, or if it will open a new browser tab of your business profile.


    The size options for Normal and Large will display if you have chosen the badge type Inline with custom Text.

Popup Content:

    The option to show Top Rated Local reviews or to show Rating Sources will display if you have chosen the Click Behavior of “Clicking Opens a Popup Modal.”

Creating the Badge:

    Once you have edited your badge to look how you want, and have selected the type, size, and or placement of the badge, the next step is to add that badge to your webpage. Click on the "Create Badge” button, and the page will reload. Once the page reloads, you will see some new options. Add New Badge and Select a Badge to Edit will now show at the top of the Badges section, and down towards the bottom of this section, under the Update Badge” button, there is now a “Copy Embed Code” button. Clicking on this button will open a window that contains the embed code, and simultaneously will copy this code to your clipboard, and it is not ready to be copied to your website.

    If you have multiple websites that you would like to create badges for, you can use the "Add New Badge" button. Fill out the Create Badge section, and then click Create Badge at the bottom. From that point on, you will have multiple badges, and these can be edited by using the “Select a badge to edit" dropdown. Please note that you can only have one badge for each domain, so you will never be able to have several different versions of a badge for one website.

Verify Badge:

    After the badge code has been copied to your website and published, you can enter the URL to the website