Create list Via Newsletter Setup Using Shopify integrated theme form - (EmailMarketing360 Only) 

  1. Setting up Shopify to use EM3 W/O creating a lead in the CRM

  2. Create an Email list for newsletter in EM3 -

  3. In the individual list - click (sign up forms) - 

  4. Select the copy paste option - 

  5. Get the form action it will look like this: 

  6. Go to online store > themes > customize theme >

  7. Paste the form action in the mailchimp form action box under newsletter

  8. Press save.

  9. Go to edit HTML/CSS for the theme -

  10. Go to where the newsletter is located and change the for, id’s, and names to reflect the form that you are wanting to use. I.e. the form code must match the code in shopify: 

Using Embed Code - (EmailMarketing360 Only)

  1. Go to list and subscribers and click on the list you would like to embed - 

  2. Click on sign up forms on the right side - 

  3. Select one of the options and add the code to your site - 

Create List via E Commerce Orders


Import / Export orders - (EM3 only or EM3 w/ CRM)


Create List Via Contact Forms - (EmailMarketing360 w/ Marketing360 CRM)

To create a list from your contact forms, you will use a 3rd party like an embedded JotForms or a GravityForm form and scrape with Marketing360 CRM via email notification.