How can I move all products from one category to another?

There are two possible ways:

1. If you want to re-arrange many products, the best way is to import them with new parameters. Please, refer to this article for details: Import-Export

2. The other way is as follows:

  • go to the Catalog → Categories page
  • find the necessary category in the left panel, click it, then open the "Category products" tab.
  • press the "Remove all" button; the products will be removed from this category, however the products themselves will not be removed.
  • then go to the "Category products" tab of the destination category, press "Add products" and add all necessary products at once there.



How can I add the "delivery date" option to my products?

You need to use the "product options" feature and the "Date Picker" option type.



How can I add the "gift message" option?

Use the "text field" and the "text area" option types.

How to add product options in Ecwid from Ecwid Team on Vimeo.

How can I remove the the decimal place from product prices? 

If you want to to omit decimals in product prices, then you should:

  • open the "System Settings → General → Formats and Units" page in your control panel;
  • enable the "Hide trailing zeros in fractional part" option

After that all trailing zeros in fractional part will be removed. So for example $40,00 will be displayed as $40 

If a product price/order total has fractional part/decimals (e.g. $40,57) then it will be always displayed to show the exact cost to customer.


Please note, that the fractional part is removed automatically, if your currency doesn't have it at all. For example, Yen. If you use such a currency, then it isn't necessary to enable the "Hide trailing zeros in fractional part" option.

Will UXi® Commerce notify me when my products are low or out of stock?

Yes. UXi® Commerce will notify you, if you enable this option for your products. In order to enable it, please open the product for editing, click the "Manage" link in the Stock Control section and set the value of the "Send me a note when quantity in stock reaches:" field. 

Important note: if a product has unlimited quantity, then it will be always in stock, so no "low stock" notifications will be sent.

Can I set the weight for less than 1 pound / 1 kg ?

Yes, it is of course possible. You should convert weight to a decimal ratio of the pound/kg  in order to use less than one pound/kg. For example:

1 ounce = 0.06 pounds

15 ounces = 0.94 pounds


Please do not forget the zero before the dot, otherwise UXi® Commerce will show a warning:

.94 — incorrect value

0.94 - correct value



How to add a video to your product description

  • Upload your video file to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Get the embed code of the uploaded movie
  • Log into your UXi® Commerce control panel. Go to the "Catalog → Products" page and open the necessary product for editing.
  • Click the "HTML" icon in the WYSIWYG description editor. A pop-up with an HTML code will appear.
  • Paste the embed code there and save the changes.



How can I redirect only one of the products to an external store(e.g. iTunes Store)? 

There is no out-of-the-box way to do this yet, unfortunately. However, the following workaround exists: 


  • disable the "Hide out-of-stock products" option in your UXi® Commerce back-end
  • change the quantity of this product to 0.
  • make the "Out of stock" label blank: How can I change or translate texts in storefront
  • add the necessary link to the product description


Alternatively, you can consider a solution that uses a custom programming: How can I set up a category that links to an external site



How do I show all products on store landing page? 

It is actually a quite common practice to put all store products on the main store page (landing page), when there is small amount of products in the store and no categorization is needed. In UXi® Commerce, it's easy to do that: a product without category assigned is displayed in the root category, which is the same as landing page in the storefront. So if you don't have any category in your store, all your products will be displayed on the main store page (landing page). Thus, in order to show all your products on your landing page, you only need to not use any category at all - just make your products not assigned to any category or, alternatively, remove all of your categories.