Store URL: What's it?


Store URL is an option that contains a  path to the page where your UXi® Commerce store is installed. It's used in:

  • e-mail notifications to customer
  • mobile catalog

So we highly recommend to set it up in your control panel (System settings > General > Store profile > Store Front URL).

Usually Store URL looks like: or



  • make sure that you've inserted the full path to the page, not only the domain name
  • if your UXi® Commerce store is installed on many sites (e.g. site, blog, Facebook page, etc), use the URL of the main storefront.
  • if you're not sure what URL to use, open your UXi® Commerce store in a browser and check the address bar. The text up to the # symbol is your Store URL. 


The following screen-shot illustrates the Store URL value for our demo store: