How can I obtain an Authorize.Net merchant account?


You can sign up for an Authorize.Net account on their web-site at


How to setup Authorize.Net


- Enter your  UXi® Commercecontrol panelSystem Settings -> Payment page

- Locate 'Credit card' payment method, in 'Payment Processor' column click 'Change', select Credit card:Authorize.Net SIM, click 'Apply'

- Open 'Account Details' and follow the instructions in the popup window

- Click 'Save', then 'Enable' to activate this payment method

- Save your changes on the payment page.




How to add your Relay Response URL in the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface

Please refer to this article: 



What are the API Login ID / Transaction Key and how to generate them?

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What is the MD5 Hash Security Feature and how to setup it?

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Response Reason Codes and Response Reason Text



" FDC Merchant ID or Terminal ID is incorrect" error

This issue isn't related to UXi® Commerce. Most likely there are some issues with merchant server provider who set up your account or your 

Authorize.Net account. Please contact to sovle this issue.


More details from Damon, who had the same issue

After spending hours trouble shooting different issues, the problem came down to the merchant server provider who set up the account. Neither time was it an UXi® Commerce issue, or even an issue. The most important thing for anyone setting up a site with UXi® Commerce and to realize is that A SITE WORKING IN TEST MODE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL WORK WHEN TEST MODE IS TURNED OFF. Both times I set up the sites, it worked great in test mode and did not fail until test mode was turned off. You need to turn off test mode, and check out your site actually running credit cards before going live. Make sure that your merchant service provider sets you up using the SIM method, then have them double check all of the other settings. The problem on our last site ended up being Wells Fargo had one number off when setting up our account with Took us two days for them to figure that out. 



The "(123) This account has not been given the permission(s) required for this request" error

Please make sure that you use the correct Login ID.  You should use your API Login ID, not the Login ID you use to log in to


The "(99) This transaction cannot be accepted" error

This error means that the Authorize.Net account credentials you have put into the account details of Authorize.Net payment method in your UXi® control panel are not valid.


Please, check that the Transaction key is matching your Authorize.Net account.

To obtain your current transaction key:

  • Log into your Authorize.Net account at:

  • Click on Settings and Profile in the main menu

  • In the Security section, click Obtain Transaction Key

  • Enter your Secret Answer (the answer to the Secret Question configured at account setup)

  • To disable the old transaction key, click to select Disable Old Transaction Key

  • Note: If the Disable Old Transaction Key box is not checked, the old transaction key will automatically expire and become invalid in 24 hours.

  • Click Submit

Once you obtain a new key, copy it over into the Transaction key field in the account details of your Authorize.Net payment method in the UXi® Commerce control panel → System settings → Payment