Stripe company provides simple and user-friendly way for individuals and businesses to accept payments online. They offer a new approach in online payments that will ease up your life as a merchant and store owner.

At present Stripe serves USA, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

The following countries are in beta list, yet can be used in production as well:

  • Australia 
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxemburg
  • Netherlands
  • Spain


Stripe is planning to grow worldwide. Sign up to be notified when your country is in the supported list here:


Visit the company website to learn more and meet the team:

How to connect your UXi® Commerce store to Stripe


We made it very easy for you to enable Stripe payment option in UXi® Commerce. Follow these steps:


1. Enter your UXi® Commerce control panel and go to System Settings>Payment page. Locate 'credit card' under Payment Methods and click "Change" link under Payment Processor column. In the drop-down box, find and choose Credit Card:Stripe. A setup window will be open:

Click Connect with Stripe button and follow to the next step.


2. You will be redirected to another window with a Stripe registration form.


If you're new to Stripe you should register: fill in the registration form, Stripe will ask you to provide some details on your business. Click "Authorize access to this account" button to allow your UXi® Commerce store to connect to your Stripe account and process payments.


If you already have an account, sign in in the upper right corner. Click "Connect by Stripe account" to grant permissions to your UXi® Commerce to connect with your Stripe account


Next you'll return to the UXi® Commerce control panel.


3. That's it actually. Your Stripe account is now linked with your UXi® Commerce store. In the UXi® Commerce control panel>System Settings>Payment>"Account Details" for Stripe payment, you will have a form like this:

Your Stripe ID will be displayed in the settings together with three parameters of your Stripe account: 

Live change indicates whether your account is in live mode and ready to get live sales

Supported currencies - what currencies your Stripe account can accept

Automatic transfer (you can control your payouts at Stripe account, refer to Stripe FAQ for details)


If you want to connect your UXi® Commerce store with another Stripe account, just click on "Disconnect Stripe" and repeat the first steps, this time sign in with other Stripe credentials.


FAQ and Troubleshooting


What do I need to do to start running real transactions?


It takes just a few minutes to activate your account by providing some basic information about you and your business to Stripe. Once you've activated your account, you can begin running real charges immediately.


Connection attempt error


This error is displayed in the settings popup in your UXi® Commerce control panel:

Connection attempt error

Please grant all permissions to our app to complete the Stripe setup and start accepting payments online.

 UXi® Commerce

The error means that you did not allow connecting your Stripe account with UXi® Commerce: clicked link Connect with Stripe yet did not confirm the connection. You should complete the steps as instructed in this article.


Live charge disabled


When you have not activated your Stripe account yet, you cannot receive real payments. You will notice this issue in the Stripe settings in UXi® Commerce control panel>System Settings>Payment>"Account Details":

You can activate your Stripe account very easily by submitting some information on your business in your Stripe account. Or contact Stripe support with this question.


Where do I find information on my transactions and transfers?


The money is collected in your Stripe account where you can manage the transfers.  Stripe has a very good knowledge-base that will help you with questions related to transactions, payouts, accounting, etc. Check up here