The UXi® dashboard displays the admin toolbar on the left edge of the screen. It contains the following back-end links:

1. Dashboard: View the welcome screen, including company info, recent activity, and UXi Form management.

2.Posts: Add new posts, edit existing posts, manage categories and tags.

3. Media Library: Upload new images or files, edit existing media.

4. UXi Forms: Create or edit UXi Forms. More info on UXi Forms here.

5. Pages: Add new pages, edit existing pages, manage SEO info on a per-page basis.

6. Comments: Manage comments on posts.

7. Testimonials: Manage testimonials.

8. UXiCommerce: Manage the site's UXiCommerce settings.

9. UXi Locations: Manage business locations featured in UXi Location Finder.

10. Navigation Menus: Create or edit navigation menus.

11. Users: Create or edit site users.

12. Tools: Import or export content, re-generate thumbnails, manage 301 redirects, re-send form notifications.

13. UXi Settings: Access general site settings, company address & contact info, bulk-edit page SEO info, manage robots, sitemanps, security, and add custom styles / javascript.

14. UXi Add-Ons: Activate various add-ons for increased site functionality.

15. Social Share: Activate social sharing for pages & posts on social media networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

16. Custom CSS: Add Custom styles.

17. Front End Editor: Edit / view the site with the front-end editor.

18. Preview: Preview site without the front-end editor.