UXi® has a built-in section for customer testimonials. They display similar to blog posts, and are entered in the same way. 

These testimonials will always display on the www.sitename.com/testimonials/ URL. Please remember that a page using that slug cannot be used on UXi.

To display them elsewhere on a UXi site, use the Testimonial widget in the front end editor. The display options are listed below.

Title: sets the title to display above the testimonials.

Title Alignment: sets the title's text alignment (Left / Center / Right )

Display: controls how many testimonials display per page

Offset: controls the space between an outline and the edge or border of an element.

Columns: allows the testimonials to display in a grid if needed (up to three per row)

Content Display: Choose between displaying the entire testimonial (full) or an excerpt (preview) with a Read More» button. If 'Preview' is selected, the following options can also be added:

Preview Length: How many characters should be included in the testimonial preview

Read More Text: Controls what text displays in the Read More button

Read More Position: Set the position of the Read More button.

Read More Button Style: Determines if the Read More link uses a button style or plain text link. For best results, use Left or Right position when using a button style.