Use this add-on to display multiple business locations on a UXi® site. The locations can be displayed on a single interactive Locations Map widget or the Location Finder widget can be added to let users search for nearby locations based on their address or zip code.

 Before starting, be sure to verify that the correct business information has been added to Settings > Company Info.

For more information on adding company info, click here.

 To start, activate the UXi® Locations add-on by navigating to the add-ons page and clicking Add next to UXi® Locations.

UXi® Locations Settings

  Once the Company Info has been checked, Navigate to UXi® Locations > Settings

Plugin Settings

Enable Location Pages: Use this to allow each location to have a dedicated page that users can navigate to from the Locations Map or Location Finder widgets. (more details on how to build these pages can be found here.)

Use Kilometers: Use this setting to use kilometers instead of miles.

Custom Company Info

Any of the following company information can be set to inherit the info added on the Settings > Company Info page mentioned above. This way if all locations share any info like payment options or business hours, they never have to be entered again! However, any info that is unique can be entered where needed. Anything added here will be used unless further specified on single locations.

Adding New Locations

  Once the Company Info has been checked, Navigate to UXi® Locations > New Location

Location Content

Every new location needs a title. However, displaying location content generated in the WYSIWYG editor is based on the Enable Location Pages option outlined above in the UXi Location Settings section. Use all the available options to produce interesting, unique content here.

Location Information

A unique address must be provided for any location.  Any other information entered here like business hours or payment types will overwrite the inherited settings from UXi Settings and Location Settings.

Using Email / Link Labels: Use this option to customize the text that will display the clickable email or external site link. This allows long e-mail addresses or links to be used with nice clean links for users like 'Contact Us' or 'Find Out More' instead of

External Links: This option is used when the site does not use location pages. It allows for locations to link to external websites instead of dedicated pages within the UXi site.

Using the Location Finder Widget

The UXi Location Finder widget is used to allow site users to search for a nearby location based on their address or zip code.  Add it to any layout by finding it in the Content section. Users search for locations by entering a home address or zip code, then selecting a search radius.  Search results will display in a grid below the map.  Here users can view basic information, get driving directions from Google, and if enabled, view a link to the single location page.

*Using a column width of 66% or above is suggested for best results.

Using the Locations Map Widget

The UXi Locations Map widget is used to display multiple pins on a single map. When a site user clicks on any of the pins they'll see a pop-up containing basic info on the location, get driving directions from Google, and if enabled, a link to the single location page.