The Batchbook Add-On allows you to quickly integrate any Gravity Form with Batchbooks's small business CRM and allows you to create or update contacts.

To prepare, first login to the UXi site and the Batchbook CRM.

Step 1: Activate the add-on and connect the UXi site to the Batchbook CRM

  1. Activate the Gravity Forms Batchbook Add-On by going to the UXi Add-ons screen and click 'Add' next to the ad-on.
  2. Next, copy the Batchbook Account URL and API token to use on the UXi site.
  • The account URL can be found in your browser's address bar when logged into Batchbook. IE:
  • The API key can be found on the Batchbook account dashboard by clicking Setting in the top right corner. There, look to the right for your API key. 
  • Connect the UXi site to the Batchbook CRM by clicking Forms > Settings > Batchbook and pasting:
    • The subdomain portion of the account url only. From the example account URL form above, this field would read companyname
    • The API key in the provided field and click Update Settings.

      A green checkmark will display if this process is successful. A red 'x' if not.

    Step 2: Set up a feed for each form that will send info to Batchbook

    Any form that sends info to Batchbook MUST have a name and email field.

    1. Click on the Forms list, then hover over the Form Settings, and click the Batchbook settings link from the dropdown list.
    2. From that screen, click Add New to get started on a new feed.
    3. Give the feed a name that corresponds with the name of the form or Batchbook account
    4. Next, map Batchbook fields to your available Form Fields. Required fields will be marked with a red asterisk. 
    5. Several other optional features can be added as well.
    • If needed, map any custom fields by selecting a new Batchbook field in the left column, then selecting a corresponding form field to receive data from.

    • You are also able to define tags for the new addition to Batchbook. To do so, simply either enter them in the Tags field, or use merge tags to dynamically generate them based on the form submission. Insert available merge tags with user submission info by clicking on the icon to the right of the field.

    • you have the option of adding a bio to the user. To do so, you may enter some information within the Bio text field. This field also supports merge tags to dynamically generate information based on the form submission.

    • If you would like a person's record to be updated if they already exist within Batchbook, select the checkbox labeled Update Person. If this option is selected, an additional dropdown field will appear. From here, you may select if you would like the information to be replaced, or new information simply appended to the existing record.

    • Finally, if you would like the individual to be marked as a champion, select the checkbox labeled Mark as Champion. This is a way to highlight more important Batchbook contacts.

    • If needed, enable an opt-in condition. The opt-in condition is a conditional statement that requires a check box, radio button or drop down selection to determine if the Batchbook integration feed should be executed or not.

  • Click Update Settings

    Now that you have setup a Batchbook feed, when the form you selected is submitted it will automatically send the data you have selected to the Batchbook Campaign you have setup to receive data.