Add a responsive HTML table to the content. By default, tables will have some basic styles, making them more able to scale down for mobile devices, but due to the nature of tables, they can not 're-stack' table content for mobile devices, so use them only where necessary for tabular data. For more information on table structures, check out this W3Schools article here.

Insert Table: Select the size of the table using the format of Columns X Rows.

General Table Properties:

Table Alignment: Align the table itself. Using this option will remove the default 100% width of the table, align it accordingly,  and add margins where needed.


Advanced Table Properties: 

Width / Height: Because UXi uses responsive CSS wherever possible, adding widths & heights is not suggested for most tables, but it can home in handy in specific situations.

Alignment: Add text alignment to all contents of the table.

Style: Any inline styles applied will display here, like border or background colors set up.

Table Background: Select a custom color for the table background.

Table Border: Select a custom color for the table's outside border.


Delete Table: Delete the entire table from the content.


Table Cell Properties: Apply properties to only a specific table cell. (See table properties above)

Merge Table Cells: Highlight multiple cells in a row and use this tool to merge them together.

Split Table Cell: Highlight a single cell and split it into two cells.


Insert Row Before: Insert a row before the highlighted row.

Insert Row After: Insert a table row after the highlighted row.

Delete Row: Delete the entire row from the table.

Table Row Properties: Apply properties only to a specific table row. (See table properties)

Cut Table Row: Cut the row to remove it and paste it elsewhere.

Copy Table Row: Copy the row to keep it as is, and paste it elsewhere.

Paste Table Row Before: Paste a copy/cut row before the highlighted table row.

Paste Table Row After: Paste a copy/cut row after the highlighted row.


Insert Column Before: Add a new column before the highlighted column.

Insert Column After: Add a new column after the highlighted column.

Delete Column: Remove the entire table column.