Use this widget to display multiple locations on a single, interactive map.

Widget Settings


Title Font / Title Size: Add a title to display above the widget content and select global font style and size.


Select Ratio

Select an aspect radio.

  • 1-1 is square
  • 3-1 very wide and short
  • 4-3 rectangular, think of an old school tv
  • 16-9 widescreen like most modern tv's

Location Title

Select what to display for a location title in the map popup and results.

  • Location Page Title - Display the title entered on the location details page.
  • Address - Display the first line of the location's address entered in location information.
  • Company Name - Display the company name entered in location information.

Show Country will display the country in the address. Not often needed when all locations are in the same country.

Show External Link will display the link to a location's external website, if available.

Select Locations

Select which locations to display on the map. Using only certain locations along with a custom title can create customized maps like 'Our Downtown Locations' or 'Check Us Out On the East Coast!'