1. Placebag is a great solution for adding online ordering to a UXi site for a restaurant, cafe, or diner!

To add online food orders to any UXi site, simply:

  1. Create a new page on the site titled Order Online
  2. Then using the front-end editor, create a new layout that includes plenty of horizontal space to embed the online ordering system. Using a 75% or 100% width container is suggested.

    Feel free to include other widgets like Page Content, Calls to Action, etc, if needed, but remember to focus of the page on simplicity for users to place their order.

  3. Embed the online ordering system by adding an Embed Widget, and pasting the iFrame code found on the Placebag dashboard here:
    Publish > Add To Your Site
    <iframe src="http://myplacebag.com/menu/xyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyz?embed=true" border="0" id="order-frame" style="border:0;width:100%;z-index:1000;" ALLOWTRANSPARENCY="true" frameBorder="0"></iframe>
    <script src="http://myplacebag.com/media/js/order-frame.js"></script>

  4. Add any necessary css to match the Placebag menu to the UXi site.