Any form on a UXi site can automatically send a new user entry to the Marketing 360® CRM as a new contact!

To send new form submissions to a client's CRM account:

  1. Log-in to the UXi site and click Forms.

  2. Hover over the Settings Menu on the form that needs to send entries to the CRM and click Notifications.

  3. Click Add New to build a new email notification that'll be scraped and create the new contact in the CRM.

  4. Give the notification a name: CRM Notification.

  5. Select the 'Enter Email' setting, then enter the CRM notification address. IE:

  6. Enter Marketing360 CRM as the From Name.

  7. Enter as the From Email.

  8. Enter New CRM Contact as the Subject.

  9. Enter plain text in the body of the email to be scraped for the new CRM contact. Enter only the fields that need to be passed to the CRM.
    1. Enter a text label and a comma to separate.
    2. Use the Merge Tag  tool to enter the user's submitted value.
    3. Use the Enter key to move to the next line.