In order to help mitigate spam and improve form functionality overall, all forms will be moved to a new form system.

Gravity Forms is the new go-to form add-on for UXi® sites.  Here's a breakdown of the process for updating.

Review all existing Ninja Forms and Ninja Forms add-ons to get a clear picture of the role the forms play on the site. If you have any questions about how to recreate Ninja Forms functionality using Gravity Forms, please contact your Marketing Executive. If they’re unable to provide an answer, an IT ticket can be submitted.

  1. Export all Ninja Forms submissions when needed.

    1. Select Form > View Submissions

    2. Display them all at once (Use Screen Options if needed)

    3. Select all > Export > Apply

    4. Save all CSV files to your computer or to the Madwire Client Drive for full backup of existing submissions.

  2. Activate the Gravity Forms add-on

    1. Proceed through the Welcome screen by clicking Next on all options and selecting a default currency, if needed. Finish by clicking Create a Form.

  3. Re-create all the Ninja Forms in use on the site with new Gravity Forms.

    1. Give the new form a title, and description if needed.

    2. Add the appropriate fields to the new form.

    3. Add the appropriate Settings  *Don’t forget to replicate the button settings, styles, conditional logic, and any add-on settings*

    4. Add the appropriate Confirmations. There are three types:

      • Redirect: Send the user to a page on the UXi® site

      • Page: Send the user to a different site entirely after a successful form submission.

      • Success Message: Text displayed to users after a successful form submission.

  1. Check for additional functionality like MailChimp feeds, payments, etc.  Be sure to re-build any additional functionality with Gravity Forms add-ons.  

  2. Add the appropriate Notifications. These are emails send to either the admin or user after a successful form submission.

  3. Once all forms are accurately re-created, delete the existing forms from each front-end layout on the site and replace them with new ones. The widget label for the newer Gravity Forms solution is UXi® Forms.

    1. Click here to learn more about building new forms, user confirmations, and e-mail notifications!

  4. Once ALL Ninja Forms have been removed from the site and replaced with Gravity Forms:
    1. Navigate to UXi Tools > Ninja Forms Deprecation.
    2. From there, click the option to Disable Ninja Forms and click the orange Deprecate Ninja Forms button.
    This is permanent. It will:
            - Remove any Ninja Form widget from any layout.
            - Remove any Ninja Form from any page content.
            - Delete the add-on from the site.