This update includes a great new cleanup tool that cleans out un-needed code form a site's database, making the database much leaner and more efficient. This should help overall site performance for users, but more than that, faster saving / copying / editing!

Here are a couple important notes to keep in mind:

  1. The cleanup tool will disable the front-end editor until complete.
    For any user that has access to the front-end editor (Client Editor, Client Developer, Marketing Executive, Developer) both the dashboard and the front-end will display a red notice bar with a link to the cleanup dashboard. No layout changes can be made until the site is cleaned up. This only affects changes made via the front-end editor. Publishing new posts or pages will not be affected, nor will making changes to dashboard settings, forms, etc.

  2. The cleanup tool will delete the site's Local Content.
    In order to clean up the database, the local content must also be removed.

    Please note:
    This doesn't mean the site's layouts will be deleted or that any site design will change at all. The cleanup tool does not affect the layouts and widgets in use by the site.

    The cleanup tool has to remove the elements that have been saved to the UXi Local Content Manager. No worries though, users with front-end editing capabilities can re-save anything that needs to be re-used. If you've got questions about how the cleanup tool will affect your site, please reach out to your Marketing Executive.

  3. The cleanup process can get hung up by the browser itself. This doesn't mean that anything went wrong though.
     - If the cleanup process is unable to finish and the browser fails to respond, just reload the page and run the cleanup function again!
     - If the UXi dashboard re-loads with a notice message asking to re-run the cleanup, do just that!