When users submit a Gravity Form, an email notification can be set up to notify the site owner via email. This email can contain as much or little info from the user's form entry as needed. However, if the site owner would like to receive an SMS notification that the form was submitted, Zapier can be used to send a customized SMS. 


Below are step-by-step instructions on how to build the Zap.


1. Install the Gravity Forms Zapier add-on

From the UXi add-on's screen, select the Zapier add-on and click Add.

2. Create Your Form

Once the add-on is activated, the first step in integrating with Zapier is going to be creating the form. By doing this, the list of fields associated with that form are up to date when you are configuring your Zapier settings on the Zapier dashboard.



3. Use Gravity Forms as a Trigger

Trigger steps are the part of your automations that tell your Zaps when to run. The first step is setting Gravity Forms as the trigger for your Zap.

  1. Log-in to Zapier.
  2. Click Make a Zap on the Zapier dashboard.
  3. Begore choosing a trigger, name Your Zap in the top left corner of the Zapier dashboard.

    Give the Zap a name that'll differentiate it from any others used on the same site. Name the Zap using this format:

    M number - Client Name - Function of Zap


    So for example, a Zap to send 'Bill's Billiards' Contact Us form entries sent to Infusionsoft, the Zap would be named as follows:

    M12345 - Bills Billiards - Send Contact Us form Submissions to Infusionsoft CRM

  4. Choose a Trigger App. Select Gravity Forms, then New Form Submission.
  5. When given the API key, copy it.
  6. Navigate back to the Gravity Forms dashboard and click Form Settings on the form you're integrating. From the Zapier Feeds page, click Add New.
  7. Here, on the Zapier webhook settings, paste the webhook URL and the Zap Name in the appropriate fields, set the feed to Active, and Save Zapier Feed.
  8. Back on the Zapier dashboard, click Ok, I did this.

4. Submit form entry to prepare the data feed

  1. When the feed has been saved on the UXi dashboard, navigate to the page using the form and submit a form entry. The data submitted will be used to map data from the form entry to the third-party.
  2. On the Zapier 'Pick A Sample To Set Up Your Zap' dashboard, select the form entry that was just submitted. 
  3. Click Continue.

5. Choose an Action App; SMS

Now its time to select a destination for the data being pulled from the form entry. The site owner that wishes to receive the SMS notification will need to be involved in this step. 

  1. On the Zapier 'Choose an Action App' dashboard, search for SMS. Click on it to move on to configure the action.
  2. On the following screen, select Send SMS.
  3. Next, connect the site to a mobile phone number, select a confirmation method, then Send Pin. This will send the pin to that number as a way to verify. To proceed to the next step, get the PIN that was sent, enter it, and click Yes, Continue.
  4. Now that the mobile phone number has been added and confirmed, give it unique name specific to that site. This is needed to differentiate it in the Zapier dashboard. Then click Continue

6. Map the data from the form entry to the SMS

Now it's time to create the contents of the text message.

  1. Select a random number to send the SMS from.
  2. Construct the body of the SMS using merge tags where necessary to get dynamic values form the form entry and Contine.
  3. Preview the test SMS on the next screen. When you're happy with the outcome, click Finish.
  4. IMPORTANT: Turn the Zap On
    The Zap is not running until it's been turned on!
  5. Live test!
    At this point, make live submissions to the form and reach out to the site owner to make sure they're receiving the notifications.