Customizer settings: Additional CSS

WordPress 4.7 introduced the  Customize > Additional CSS tab. Any CSS code added to Customize > Additional CSS will apply to any part of any page site-wide, whether it's controlled by Page Builder, the theme, or general WordPress. 

Note: The Additional CSS tab contents are theme-specific. If you activate a different theme, the CSS rules will disappear from the Additional CSS tab, but they'll reappear if you reactivate the theme in which you added the rules. If you have CSS rules in Additional CSS that you want to migrate to a new theme, copy the rules manually.

See also the article about where to put custom CSS.

Migration of Customize > Code > CSS Code to Additional CSS tab

Woo360 Theme Version 1.6, the Customize > Code > CSS Code tab was eliminated. 

When you update to Woo360 Theme Version 1.6, any CSS code stored in the Code > CSS Code tab is automatically migrated to Customize > Additional CSS. The migrated code has the following comment to identify it:

/*CSS Migrated from BB theme:*/<br>

Migration notes: 

  • If you import Woo360 Theme Customizer settings from a 1.5 .dat file into Woo360 Theme 1.6, CSS from the Customize > Code > CSS Code tab will automatically migrate to the Additional CSS tab. 
  • If you export/import Woo360 Theme Customizer settings, CSS code in the Customize > Additional CSS tab currently will not export or import. Make sure to manually copy the CSS code from the old location to the new location if you want to move it.
  • Expect an updated Customizer Import/Export plugin that imports and exports the Additional CSS code.