Use ACF Repeater fields (Themer)

As of Woo360 Themer Version 1.1.2, the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Repeater field is supported in Woo360 Themer via a field connection shortcode.

To use this feature, create your repeater fields in ACF and use the shortcode to display the repeater field on your pages or posts. You can use the shortcode inside any module that supports HTML such as a Text Editor or HTML module. Below is an example of the Repeater field shortcode, with a description below.

  • my_repeater is the name of your repeater field.
  • sub_field_text and sub_field_img are the names given to your sub fields.
  • nested_sub_field_text and nested_sub_field_img are the names of your fields inside a nested repeated field.

Tip: You can only nest one Repeater Field currently.