Find the full list of field connections and parameters (Themer)

If you want to see a full list of field connections regardless of data type, the easiest way is to add an HTML module to your layout and then click the plus icon to the right of the text box. 

In the screenshot above, you can see that text field connections like Post Title and Post Excerpt appear in the same list as Post Featured Image. The HTML module is a good way to find field connections and to try them out without worrying about the data type.

Many of the field connections have parameters. When you choose a field connection that has parameters, a settings box open, as shown in this screenshot for the Post Featured Image:

When you insert the field connection as a shortcode, you'll see how these settings are rendered as parameters in the shortcode. Using the same Post Featured Image example, the shortcode appears as follows:

[wpbb post:featured_image size='thumbnail' display='tag' align='default' linked='yes']

This is the easiest way to find parameters if you're using them to code your own layouts.

Examples of field connection shortcodes and parameters

Here are some other examples of field connection shortcodes and their parameters:

  • [wpbb post:title]
    The Post title field connection has no parameters.
  • [wpbb post:date format="M j, Y"]
    To understand the values in the date format parameter, see the article on date formats in the WordPress codex.
  • [wpbb post:custom_field key="my_field"]
    When you create a custom field, you give it a key name, and when you choose it as a field connection you enter that name. For more information, see the Related Articles about how to connect to various types of custom fields.