Link to a specific item in a Tabs or Accordion module

You can link to a specific item in the Tabs or Accordion module by setting a custom CSS ID for the module, then using that item's index in the anchor link. 

Note: Indexes start at 0 for the first item in the list, so the first item is 0, the second item is 1, and so on. 

To link to a specific item in a Tabs or Accordion module:

  1. Open the module for editing and click the Advanced tab.
  2. In the ID field, set a unique ID name for the module. See the related links for more information about ID selectors.
  3. Link to any item in that module by specifying the module’s ID with the item’s index, separated by a hyphen.

For example, if you want to link to the third item in a Tabs module with an id of faqs, use this link: