Disable auto spacing on mobile devices

Auto spacing on mobile devices is enabled by default in Page Builder. In general, it reduces the amount of space between rows, columns, and modules on mobile devices automatically, to save you time adding your own values. See the Related Article below on troubleshooting margins and padding to see how auto spacing works under various conditions.

If you want fine-grained control over spacing in your layouts, you may prefer to disable auto spacing.

Tip: As an alternative to disabling auto spacing, you can set explicit custom default or individual margin and padding values for small (mobile) devices. See the Related Article below on changing individual margins and padding.

To disable mobile auto spacing site-wide:

  1. Open any page for editing in Page Builder.
  2. Open Global Settings in one of the following ways:
    1. Page Builder 2.x: Click the title bar in the upper left corner to expose the Tools menu, then click Global settings, or just use the keyboard shortcut ?+U (Mac) or Ctrl+U (Windows).
    2. Page Builder 1.x: Click the Tools button in the upper right corner, then click Global settings.
  3. Go to the Responsive layout section and change Enable auto spacing to No.