Where can I display images?

There are a number of modules that you can use to display images. They are broken out here by whether or not you want to group the images with text. See the Related Articles for more information about these modules.

Single images

  • Photo module
    Display single images, with a number of options.

Gallery of images

  • Gallery module
    Choose the Collage layout to display images in a mosaic. Choose Thumbnails to display the images in a grid. There are options for displaying captions.
  • Slideshow module
    If you turn off the playback on this module, you can display one image at a time with arrows to cycle through the rest of the gallery.

Animated images

You can apply basic animation to any module (Fade in, Move up, and so on), but some modules are designed to rotate the display of images

  • Slideshow module
    The Slideshow module cycles through a gallery one image at a time, at a speed you choose.
  • Content slider module
    Content sliders are typically used on landing pages with long narrow images. With the content slider module, you can add a heading, text, and button overlays on the image.
  • Posts slider module
    Display your blog posts in a slider. If you have set featured images, the images will display, and you have options on where to place the post summary in relation to the image.
  • Posts carousel module
    Display your blog posts as a carousel, where you see several posts at a time and advance forward and backward to display more. If you have set featured images on your blog posts, you have options on where to place the post summary in relation to the image.

Images grouped with blocks of text

  • Callout module
    The Callout module is great for displaying the popular rows of features, popular on landing pages, and you can use this module for many other purposes. A big advantage of this module is that the image-text group stays together as a unit on smaller devices.

Background images

You can add images to the backgrounds of rows and columns. A good width for a full-width row is usually considered to be 1950px.