Add a color palette to the Woo360 editor

You can add single colors or color palettes to the Woo360 editor both manually and programmatically.

Neither of these procedures will replace any existing colors that you have set in existing modules, but it makes it easy to select the new color moving forward.

To add custom color presets programmatically:

  1. Check your current color presets by opening a module for editing in Woo360, then choose a color field and click Color presets. Delete any presets that you don't want to keep by clicking the X icon next to the color.
  2. Add the following code to your child theme's functions.php file.
    Tip: You can edit this file in Appearance > Editor, but make sure you choose the correct file.

  1. Replace the hex values in the code with the hex value for each color you want to define. Add or remove $colors[] lines accordingly.

Note: Don't use the hashtag (#) symbol with the hex values in this Woo360 code.

Tip: You can also add color presets to the Customizer settings in the Woo360 child theme.