WordPress widgets modules

Almost any WordPress widget that is available to you in the WordPress admin panel's Appearance > Widgets can be added to your Page Builder layout as a content module. If you have WooCommerce installed, the WooCommerce widgets appear in the list also.


There are four WordPress widgets that don't appear in the WordPress Widgets list in the Content panel:

  • Audio widget
  • Video widget
  • Image widget
  • Gallery widget

This is because Page Builder has its own Audio, Video, Photo, and Gallery modules that have more options and work better in your layouts. You can still use these WordPress widgets in any theme sidebar or footer areas that use native WordPress widgets.

To add a WordPress widget module to a content layout:

Page Builder 2.x:

In the Content panel, click in the Group field and choose WordPress widgets. Drag a widget into your layout.

Page Builder 1.x:

  • Go to Add Content > WordPress Widgets and drag a widget to your layout.

See the WordPress Codex for documentation on widgets and the WooCommerce widget documentation.

Tip: The Sell layout template in Page Builder uses several WooCommerce widgets as modules in the lower half of the page.