Woo360 keyboard shortcuts

As of Woo360 Version 2.0, you can use keyboard shortcuts for many common tasks in the Woo360 editor. You can access the list of keyboard shortcuts directly from the UI by clicking Keyboard shortcuts from the main menu, as shown in this screenshot:

Here's the list of shortcuts:

j Open the Modules tab in the Content panel.
k Open the Rows tab in the Content panel.
l (Lowercase L) Open the Templates tab in the Content panel.
; Open the Saved tab in the Content panel.
Ctrl+j (Win)
Cmd+j (Mac
Open the Save template window.
p Toggle in or out of Preview mode.
Ctrl+u (Win)
Cmd+u (Mac)
Open Global Settings in the Tools menu.
Ctrl+y (Win)
Cmd+y (Mac)
Open the Layout CSS/JavaScript tab in the Tools menu.
o Toggle between dark and light UI modes in the Woo360 editing bar.
Ctrl+i (Win)
Cmd+i (Mac)
Display module search.
Esc (Escape key) Close the active window. This shortcut is disabled if there is any risk of data loss, such as Tools settings windows.
Ctrl+p (Win)
Cmd+p (Mac)
Publish changes without leaving the Woo360 editor.
Ctrl+e (Win) Cmd+e (Mac) Re-enter the Woo360 editor after publishing.
Enter (Enter key) While inside a settings panel, saves any changes and dismisses the panel. This shortcut is disabled when you're inside modules where you need to use the Enter key for new lines, such as the Text Editor module.
b Show global settings for the UABB* plugin

*UABB: Ultimate Addons for Woo360 plugin