Customize the default theme footer

By default, the Woo360 theme footer shows a single centered column with the following information.

1 - Copyright symbol and date
2 - Site title, pulled from Customize > Settings > Site Identify > Site Title. In this example, the Site Title is "Woo360"

There are two ways to change this default footer: through the Customize area of the Woo360 Theme, or by adding copyright.php to your child theme and modifying it.

Change the default footer using Customizer

To change this default footer text, go to Customize > Footer > Footer layout. Choose the numbers of columns, then choose Text as the layout type and enter the text you want to appear. Or choose one of the other layout types, for example Social icons. For more information about how to customize the footer, see the Related Article below.

As of Version 1.6.5 of the Woo360 Theme, you can use a shortcode in any text area in Customizer to insert the current date. The most common application is to keep the copyright year current in the footer, but you can use other date formats in any Customizer text area and also in Woo360 layouts. For more information, see the Related Article below on the Woo360 Theme date shortcode.

Modify the child theme's copyright.php file

There are several advantages of using Customize > Footer > Footer Layout to modify the default footer text:

  • You can eliminate the footer entirely, or you can add more than one column to the footer.
  • You can easily add a menu or social icons.
  • It's very easy and fast. At Customize > Footer > Footer Layout, change Layout to None to remove the footer entirely, or add your own text in Column 1 Text box, or add two columns, which will overwrite the default footer.
  • The copyright year automatically updates with each new year. 

Of course, there are other alternatives--you can rewrite the copyright.php file, for example, or you can use a plugin to replace the date with a variable that will reflect the current year.

The following procedure shows how to make a minor change to the "Powered by" statement in   copyright.php.

Note: You must be using a child theme, or your file will be overwritten with every Woo360 Theme update.

To change the "Powered by" statement in the default Woo360 theme footer:

  1. Using FTP, navigate to <your-site>/wp-content/themes/bb-theme-child.
  2. Create a subfolder named includes.  
  3. Navigate to Woo360 parent theme at <your-site>/wp-content/themes/bb-theme/includes and copy the copyright.php file, then paste it into the child theme's subfolder you created in the previous step.
  4. In the child theme includes folder, open copyright.php for editing. 
  5. Locate the fourth line which starts with:
    <span id="fl-site-credits">
  6. Starting with the text "Powered by,"  replace or remove the Powered by text, the <a href> link, and the link text.
    In this example, the link was removed and the text changed to the following:
    <span id="fl-site-credits">Website design by Example Designs Ltd.</a></span>
  7. Save your edits and if necessary copy copyright.php back to the child theme location.

The new information should now be displayed in your footer: