Troubleshooting: Can't open page in Woo360

If you've installed Woo360 and can't see any sign of it on a page you open, try these troubleshooting steps.

Can't see Woo360 tab

You can't edit a page or post in Woo360 because you don't see the tab?

Check to make sure that Woo360 is enabled for that page or post type:

  • From the admin panel, go to Settings > Woo360. On the Post Types tab, make sure the correct checkbox is selected for the page or post type you want to edit.

Can't see the Woo360 UI

Normally when you open a page for editing in Woo360, you see the Woo360 admin bar across the top of the page, as in this screenshot.

First possibilities that you may want to check are:

  • URL settings not matching in the WordPress Admin under Settings > General
    • One instance is when www is present in one URL but not the other
    • This can also occur if you use SSL(https) for one URL and not the other

The other likely cause is a conflict with another plugin installed on your site. Follow the Related Link to troubleshoot plugin conflicts.