Edit or delete saved layout templates

You can edit or delete your saved layout templates either through the Woo360 admin panel or from withiin the Woo360 editor.

Note: Editing or deleting a saved template has no effect on any pages using that template.

Edit or delete a saved layout template through the Woo360 menu

  1. In the WordPress admin panel, click Woo360 > Templates.
    Prior to Woo360 2.1, click Builder > Templates.
    If you don't see Woo360 or Builder in the admin panel, see the Related Article on enabling the Woo360 admin panel.
  2. Mouse over the template that you want to edit or delete, then click Trash to move the template to the trash, or click Woo360 to open the page for editing.
    If you moved the template to the trash, you're done at this point.
  3. If you're editing the template, make any changes in the Woo360 editor, then click Done > Publish.

Note: Deleted templates remain available in the trash until you permanently delete them.

Edit or delete a custom layout template within the Woo360 editor

You can edit or delete any saved template on the Templates tab when a page is open for editing in Woo360.

To edit or delete a saved template from a Woo360 editing page:

  1. From a page open for editing in Woo360, in the Content panel, click Templates, then select the Saved templates group.
  2. Mouse over the template you want to edit or delete until the Wrench and Trash icons appear.
  3. Click the Trash icon to move the template to the trash.
    You're done at this point.
  4. To edit the item, click the Wrench icon.
    The layout template opens in Woo360 in a new tab. Note the URL changes to mydomain.com/fl-builder-template/.... to show you are editing a template.
  5. Make any editing changes, you want, then click Done > Publish.
    The tab for the layout template closes and you can go back to the page you were editing.

Remember, the edited template does not update any existing templates, so if you want to update the page you're editing, you'll need to follow the normal procedure to use the edited template to append to or replace the existing layout.

Tip: When you edit a template, previous versions are saved, so you can restore a previous version if you need to. See the Related Article below.