Save columns (Woo360 2.1)

As of Woo360 2.1, you can save columns. 

Save columns in the same way as you do rows and modules. When you have the column settings and the column contents the way you want, open Column Settings and click Save as, then give the column a name and choose if it will be global or not. 

To use a saved column, click the Saved tab in the Content panel and look in the Saved columns section, then drag the saved column into your layout.


  • You can't drag a column from the Saved tab into another column in your layout, because of the possibility that the saved column could have its own children, and you can't have child columns within child columns. Drag the column into a row as a main column, and then if it has no children you can move it from there into another column. 
  • If you edit a globally saved column, you need to publish, save, or discard the changes before you can get back to your page and see the entire set of saved rows, columns, and modules on the Saved tab.

For more information about using columns in layouts and saving global and nonglobal rows and modules, see the Related Articles below.