In order to add plugins and keep those plugins up to date, you will need to create a WooCommerce and account if you don't already have one. 

1. Go to and click "login with"

2. Click "Create an Account" 

3. Fill out the account creation details. ( You will get a verification email from please confirm it but you will not need access to this account moving forward.)

4. After creating your account click "I don't have a account" 

4a. Who is this site for? Select "This site is for me"

4b. What industry are you in? Select your vertical ( if not listed just pick a generic one )

4c. What types of products will you sell? Select the product types you plan on selling ( if you don't know or are not sure select "physical products" )

4d. How will customers pay for their purchases? Select the way you will collect pay  ( if you don't know or are not sure select "one-time payment" )

4e. How would you like to install WooCommerce? Select "Go DIY - download the plugin" 

Note we have the plugin files so no need to email them. Once you have followed the prompts above and created your account you can now purchase any Plugins/Extensions needed in the WooCommerce Extensions library here:

5. To link your WooCommerce account with your Woo360/Wordpress view the help article HERE