This article is to provide quick links to common extensions you will need to operate your Woo360/WooCommerce store

To purchase / acquire the following licenses please login to your WooCommerce account. If you do not have one you can follow the directions HERE to set one up: 

Shipping Extensions - at least one needed to ship items via a carrier

UPS Shipping Method 

FedEx Shipping Method

USPS Shipping Method

Table rate Shipping

Payment Extensions - at least one needed to accept payments (our Payments Team will assist with integration)


Authorize.Net CIM

FirstData - (Payeezy)

NMI - ( not available on woo marketplace but does require payment after install ) 


WooCommerce Memberships ( used for selling memberships and wholesale products ) 

WooCommerce Subscriptions ( used for paywalls )

Additional Plugin Notes/Disclaimer

Due to the open source nature of WordPress/WooCommerce we cannot warranty any 3rd party plugins nor can we guarantee 3rd party plugins compatibility with your existing website, other plugins, legacy Wordpress versions, or future updates to the Wordpress platform. An updated list of plugins/Extensions we will setup or provide for free can be found at We are more than happy to attempt to integrate any additional plugins at our current hourly rate. Each Wordpress plugin integration will require a minimum 1(one) hour set up cost. If the expected time to integrate additional plugin exceeds 1(one) hour, we will provide you with an hourly bid before undertaking any work in excess of 1(one) hour. You are free to add plugins on your own, but we are not responsible for any consequences from your implementation of 3rd Party plugins without our assistance.