Why do I need a WooCommerce account to use plugins that are already installed on my site?

Due to recent WooCommerce updates plugins must be purchased individually and on an annual basis. Plugins will continue to function but will need licenses purchased in order to maintain them.

You can create an account HERE


What does this mean me? 

This means that WooCommerce plugins/extensions that were previously installed on the site will now require individual accounts/licenses to update the plugins / extensions


Will my site stop working if I don't update?

Sites will continue to function until the core site or extension is updated. We highly recommend having the site backed up by us for a small fee prior to any updates being performed. We are not liable for any updates we do not perform nor can we guarantee that when an update is performed that additional work won’t be needed to ensure/maintain functionality. 


Why would I need to update?

Wordpress and Woo360 (which is built using Wordpress and WooCommerce) require periodic updates. With Wordpress being one of the largest open source platforms, it is important that the site is maintained and updated regularly to ensure maximum security and protection from cyber threats. 

Do you have a list of plugins/extensions that will probably need purchased to update?

We do and they can be found HERE