Log in to Advice Local at https://admin.advicelocal.com

From the admin panel of Advice Local, provide the client's business name and ZIP code in the fields provided. Click Next

The next page will suggest a business based on Google Maps data for you! If your business is present, click This is Me!

In either case, modify your Client Information on the next page if it needs updating, or leave it if the pre-filled information is accurate. Set a Primary Category, Keyword, and Location on the right side, and click Run 

You've now provisionally set up your listing from a bare-bones perspective. You'll see from the Home page your baseline visibility score that will be presented in My Marketing 360®. In order to flesh your listing out, click Edit Client and populate as much as you can in the sections on the page. The Business Information section should already be filled out per the previous step. See Advice Local on the left below, and the client's Facebook Page for an example of what kind of data to publish in Advice Local. Business Description must be at least 250 words to be valid. 

At the bottom of the Edit Client page, add at least three Keywords and ideally as many or more Locations representing the business, as well as upload the client's logo. With every section update, make sure to click Save Changes. 

In the Existing Social Pages section, link the client's Facebook page, and their Twitter if they have one. Note, errors thrown at any point in the process will remain at the top of the page within a red bar, even if no longer valid.

Once you've finished editing all profile sections you want to fill out, click the Order button in the top nav and select the REALTIME PRESENCE ENHANCEMENT (CLASSIC) product:

To Add: 

  • Must add a client email to complete the TRL syndication / verification piece.
  • Link To GMB per the team it belongs to. GMB agency functionality requires direct user permissions, so AUs need to use within-team-level permissions, not inherited permissions from parent account.
  • Move back to editing cover images? (todo template edits as well)
  • Link to Facebook Page

Your service will read Active on the main dashboard page once the listing has been posted online.