GDPR-compliant businesses or organizations are required to provide users with a way to request a copy of the information they store about them, and / or request it to be deleted. The ways a user can make these requests should be outlined in the site's privacy policy. They can range from a simple email address or phone number to contact to a dedicated form.


The Erase Personal Data tool can be used to archive this user data for deleting, collecting the user data captured from forms.


This tool manages delete requests by users. Following manual approval, it allows you to permanently delete a user's personal data from the site.

Use this tool by clicking on Tools > Erase Personal Data from the UXi dashboard.

Here's how the process works when a user requests that you erase their data. These requests can be made via an email, phone call, or form submission from the website.

  1. Enter their email address and click Send Request. This will send the user an email to confirm and add them to the list of requests with a status of Pending.
  2. When the user confirms, click the Erase Personal Data button to permanently erase their data and change the status to Completed.

    Important Note: This will erase the user's data from your UXi dashboard only. It is your responsibility to erase the user's data from any other places it may be stored: email marketing dashboards, CRM Contact Lists, etc.
  3. Click Remove Request. The request will be removed from the list and the user's data will be permanently deleted.

Once a user's data has been deleted from the site, their form entries will still be preserved on the dashboard, but all data from the fields selected in the form's Personal Data settings will be deleted.

Deleted user Info on UXi Forms Entries dashboard