The Madwire® Bulk Redirects add-on allows you to upload a CSV of old and new URL’s to input into the Simple 301 Redirects plugin. This is a very efficient way to upload large amounts of redirects at once. 

This add-on can only be activated if the Simple 301 Redirects add-on is already active.

To get started, activate the add-on by navigating to UXi Add-ons, finding the Madwire® Bulk Redirects add-on and clicking Add.

Once the add-on is active, navigate to UXi Tools > Madwire® Bulk Redirects, select a CSV file to upload, then click Upload 301s.

The Bulk Uploads dashboard also includes the following helpful options:

  • Download an example CSV to see the correct format to be used.
  • Export all existing redirects to a CSV
  • Clear all existing redirects. This option is permanent, please use with caution