Mindbody Steps

1. Access Branded Web here:

2. Navigate to Create New Widget --> Appointment Widget --> Name it something that you will understand

3. Setup the styles:

- Select Desired Verbiage and Number of Days to Show

- Select Colors: 

4. Access Advanced Options: 

- All Therapists- Select the people who can provide said service 

- Appointment Types - Select all that apply to the given service 


5. Save and grab the code to place on the site 

End Product Example: 

Embedding on UXi2

1. Create a UXi Button for booking 

2. Create a new page to embed Widget via the dashboard of UXi2

3. Link the button to the page you created - I.E. "Waxing Appointments"

4. Paste the code from step 5 in the mindbody setup process and place it as text on the page  

5. Press ave and view the page to make sure the code is displaying

Note: Places with Multiple Locations: 

Client will need to get their additional locations set up with MindBody peeps if they already have not done so

This is how you access the other location(s)