Authorize.Net is introducing an improved version of their integration: Authorize.Net Accept Hosted. This new option is a more secure, more mobile-optimized payment solution that will deliver you and your store users a better experience. You’re almost ready to use it! You need to make a minor change in your store settings by May 15 to smoothly migrate.


The update process can be completed in the following 4 steps.


  1. Generate a Signature Key in your dashboard with these step-by-step instructions:

  2. Copy the generated key.

  3. Go to the UXiCommerce Store Control Panel → Payment and open Authorize.Net settings.

  4. Paste the key into the Signature Key field and save the settings.

Full step-by-step instructions are listed below in the 'Actions Required' section.


First, Why the changes?

  • Right now, you’re using a legacy payment form by Authorize.Net—Authorize.Net SIM. Though SIM is still functional, it doesn’t get improvements or new features from anymore. Moreover, it will soon be officially ceased by Authorize.Net. The upgrade is necessary to continue processing the transactions normally.

  • With the new integration, you’ll get neat and clean look of the payment form that looks great on any device—mobile, tablet or desktop. The new Accept Hosted payment option also includes built-in features to streamline your users' checkout process.

Actions required:

Transition to the new version is a three-step process. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Generate a new Signature Key in your Authorize.Net account

  • Log into your Authorize.Net account

  • Click Account from the main toolbar

  • Click Settings in the main left-side menu

  • Click API Credentials & Keys

  • Select New Signature Key

  • Click Submit to continue

  • Request and enter PIN for verification

  • Your new Signature Key is generated

  • Copy the key to clipboard

  1. Enter the Signature Key in your UXiCommerce Store Control panel

  • Log-in to your UXiCommerce account

  • From the left-hand menu, click Payment

  • Open “Account Settings” of Authorize.Net payment

  • Paste the key into the Signature Key field

  • Save the settings

Once the settings are updated, your store is fully ready for the migration to Accepted Hosted payment solution.

  1. This third step is ours.

On May 15, we will enable the Authorize.Net Accept Hosted payment form in your store. You will see a new payment method in your Store Control Panel → Payment—Authorize.Net Accept Hosted and a new payment form at checkout.

Important note: If you don’t make the changes, payments will continue to go through, but Authorize.Net won’t be able to let your store know that a particular transaction was successful and paid. Moving forward, new orders will still land in your Store Control Panel with “Awaiting Payment” status.