Store Profile

The first step is to enter basic company information. Click Settings from the left-side navigation menu access the Store Profile section.

  1. Add the business' name in the Store Name field.
  2. Paste the URL from step 3.1 of the Basic UXi® Commerce Set Up article in the Store Location field. 
  3. Add the business' physical address in the Company Address field. This address is used to calculate rates for online orders.

Regional Settings

Next, customize the store's settings appropriately for their location.

  1. Set the currency and price display.
  2. Select the store language. To make your store multilingual, enable additional languages in Language Settings.
  3. Chose a unit for weight and dimensions.
  4. Select the appropriate time zone, and customize the date / time format if needed.

Cart & Checkout

Use this section to add various settings that affect the user experience when checking out. Many of these settings are optional and are dependent on the products being sold, etc.

The only required setting on this page is Tracking code on "Thank you for your order" page. Because UXiCommerce does not use a traditional page structure where users are returned to a page on the UXi site, this is how conversions will be tracked for orders.

Legal Pages

It may be necessary to display legal information to users at checkout. The following pages can be displayed below the Checkout option:

  • About Us
  • Shipping & Payment Info
  • Return Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

Enable and edit any pages necessary for the business. in order to allow users to view any of these links, enable the 'Show “I agree with Terms & Conditions” checkbox at checkout' option at the bottom of the page.

  • If the 'pop-up' display is selected, users will click 'Terms & Conditions' link during checkout and be able to view all the enabled pages. 
  • If the 'show on separate URL' option is chosen, users will click 'Terms & Conditions' during checkout process, then click again to view the custom URL.

Tracking & Analytics

Connect the UXiCommerce store to Google and Facebook Analytics to get insights into how existing and potential customers find and use the store.

  1. Paste the Web Property ID (UA-XXXXX-YY) in the Google Analytics ID field.
  2. If needed, enable Google Remarketing
  3. Paste the Facebook Pixel ID to track the effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Once these steps are complete, its time to move on to designing the UXiCommerce store!