This article will show you how to setup a new contact source in Marketing 360 and link it with a CRM list

1. Log in to the clients account. 

2. Go to Account > CRM Settings Tab  > Contact Sources Sub Tab

3. Click "+ Contact Source" and give your Source a name. ( For example "Newsletter" )

4. Click "Setup" in the Autologging column ( 3rd column ) of the page.

5. Under the setup sections BCC Import Rules Tab, complete your routing preferences. In most cases you won't need to touch this and can be edited / updated at anytime. 

Take note of your BCC Email Address as this will be the address your form needs to send a copy to. This copy is then scraped and the data is placed into the CRM.

6. Send a test email to the BCC email address from the form you are trying to link with. For example on Gravity forms the email address in the above step would be added to one of these two fields.

Here are quick links to the help article for the common platforms we work with: 

  • UXi2
  • Woo360 / Wordpress with Gravity Forms
  • Shopify
  • Websites360

7. Submit Form: Once the the form has been sent to that email address, refresh the page and you should see your form on the left hand side. If you still see "Send an example email to..." Try clicking on another tab then navigating back to the Field Mapping tab if it still does not show verify your form settings are sending to the email address in step 5 and try to submit again.

8. Click "Create New Mapping" and proceed to map all the fields you need to the CRM

Pro tip: if you need custom fields mapped make sure you set those up under the "contact fields tab" and then return to this step.

9. Press Save and test processing your desired field should be pulling into the section below with the desired value like the screenshot below.

9. Your Form is now linked! Submit a test to verify you are in the contact portion of the CRM tab

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