1. In EM3, click into "My Templates" and click "Create a new template" 

2. You will have the option to either "start from scratch", "choose a design", or "choose from your recent emails" (choosing from your recent emails only pertains to this specific M account)

3. Once you have your template created, you will click "Preview" at the top right corner - 

4. You are now in preview mode, if everything is laid out properly for desktop and mobile, you will click "Finish and save template" and then name your email template.

PLEASE NOTE: once your template has been saved in your "My Templates" tab, clicking into it will open a new page in your browser - This is NOT the link you will copy to preview your template. A template MUST be created as a campaign to have a proper link generated.

5. Once your template has been saved, click into the "Campaigns" tab and click "Create a new campaign" 

6. Now, you will enter a name for this campaign (this is something that only you and the client will see), a subject line, and who the email is from. Once you have this filled out, click "Next" 

7. You will now be prompted to choose your template. You can either choose from your saved templates, or your recent emails 

8. Once you have your email chosen, you will repeat step 3 to "preview" your template. 

9. In preview mode - you will click "No Images? Click here." to have your link generated 

10. After you have clicked "No Images? Click here", a new tab in your browser will open. HERE is the link you will use to show the email template.

PLEASE NOTE: If you create an email with gifs, you will not see the gif play until it has been placed into a campaign.