The standard reCAPTCHA field can be set up using the steps outlined in the 'Using reCAPTCHA to Reduce Spam Form Entries' article.

However, if you'd like to add a reCAPTCHA field that users do not have to interact with, an 'invisible' option is available as well.

To add an invisible reCAPTCHA field, follow the directions below.

1. reCAPTCHA Account

Using the reCAPTCHA feature on a UXi site requires a quick account set-up here :

An account can be created by using a Google account. It's a free service and Google does not have limits on the API usage at this time. To start the process, click the blue Admin Console button at the top right of the welcome screen.

2. Register a New Site & Create reCAPTCHA Keys

Once logged in, Create a new site project by clicking the plus sign + near the top right corner of the dashboard.

  1. Add a label that will set the site apart from any others.
  2. Select reCAPTCHA V2.
  3. Select Invisible reCAPTCHA badge.
  4. Enter the site's URL on one line.
  5. *If the site is still in the mockup phase, enter the mockup URL on another line so the keys will be valid on both domains.
  6. Accept the Terms & Conditions.

    Optional: Select the 'Send alerts to owners' if you'd like to get alerts if Google detects problems with your site, such as misconfigurations or an increase in suspicious traffic
  7. Register!

3. Enter reCAPTCHA Keys

Enter keys generated by reCAPTCHA on the Forms Settings Dashboard by hovering over the Gravity Forms option on the admin menu and clicking Settings.

  1. Select the Invisible option.
  2. Enter the keys from reCAPTCHA.
  3. Save Settings.

When the keys are properly entered in the settings dashboard, navigate to each form that needs the reCAPTCHA option.

  1. From the 'Advanced Fields' list, add the CAPTCHA field.
  2. Delete the default CAPTCHA field label. No label is necessary for this field.
  3. Select a theme: light or dark.
  4. Select a badge placement.

The Bottom Left or Bottom Right settings will display a small badge in the bottom left or bottom right corner of the site notifying users that their form submission is protected by reCAPTCHA. (example shown below) The inline option will place a similar banner in the form itself.