The Issue

If your website is redirecting to a page that looks like the one shown below, there is an easy way to fix the issue.

A common plugin that is used for 301 redirects ( found to have a security vulnerability in its code that allows redirects to be created and this is what is causing the problem.

The Solution

  1. Log into the admin dashboard of the site.
  2. Navigate to the 301 redirect screen via the settings menu

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the redirects list, and you should find the problematic redirects and be able to delete them one by one.

  4. After deleting these links, then navigate to the plugin page and update the Simple 301 Redirects - Addon - Bulk Upload CSV Uploader plugin.

  5. Once the plugin is updated, clear the browser cache, and you should be able to view the site without a redirect.

    Here are some helpful links to help you clear your cache in some of today's most popular browsers: