1. From the Contacts (homescreen) of your CRM, click on the +Contacts button. See: https://madshot.net/12d977fe5518.png

2. Choose Export from the dropdown
See: https://madshot.net/ba7e441e1fd0.png 

3. Choose what data you’d like exported (can choose specific fields or choose all to pull ALL data within the CRM)

See: https://madshot.net/6cd0b074f4f3.png & https://madshot.net/e1e208b87a19.png

4. Click ‘Export’ and then ‘Download Export File.’ The CSV will download to your computer. It may need a few moments to process, depending upon the list size. See: https://madshot.net/e148160792c4.png

5. CSV downloads to your desktop or will be in your Downloads.*

See: https://madshot.net/b640f099bfc3.png

6. Custom Exports: if you have any filters on when exporting, you will see an option to export the ‘current search’ or all Contacts.

See: https://madshot.net/170af2e10433.png  

Exporting History, Tasks, Deals or Projects:

7. Exporting will be done from the specific pages.





*If your CSV opens and is blank, the export may have still been processing when you tried to access/open the spreadsheet. Upon export, wait a few moments for the CSV to finalize downloading.