1.  Go to Account
2.  Go to CRM Settings
3.  Choose correct Tab to begin editing, deleting or adding new verbiage. (to add new, press button with +.  This may be at the top left or bottom left of the screen)  See: https://madshot.net/dd9122f3273e.png  &  

What can be customized in your CRM:

 -Contact Type (WHO they are to the business - Lead/Prospect, Client etc.)

 -Contact Status (STATUS/PHASE of the business - Hot Lead, VIP Client etc.)

 -Contact Sources (HOW they got to you - Call from Website, Newsletter, Referral etc.)

 -History Types (Type of interaction - call, email, meeting etc.)

 -Contact Fields (all data that you want to have for Contacts - Phone, Email, Birthday etc.)

 -Deals/Projects Titles & Status (Active, Complete, In Process, Pending etc.) 

To watch the video walk-through:  https://help.marketing360.com/support/solutions/articles/8000015228-crm-settings-how-to-customize-the-crm