From Contacts Homescreen:

1. Identify duplicate contacts and check the box on left side of home screen next to the two contacts you want to merge. See:

2. Click on Edit (pencil icon) at top of checkbox column - Merge is only an option when two contacts are checked. See:

3. Choose Merge and system will verify what is being merged into what. (Handy to have ID#'s visible on home screen for this - may help to add contact with least data into contact with most, or newest contact into oldest etc.)  See:

4. Click Merge (you may need to refresh to see final results; 'deleted' contact may appear grayed out initially) 

Helpful Hints:   

• Have ID# visible when merging

• sort contacts by name or email in alphabetical order to find potential duplicates  See:

• can only merge two contacts together; if multiples of a contact you'll need to do more than one merge. (Eg: #4 merged to #3, #3 merged to #2 and so on)

• if adding contacts manually, always do a search for their name or email before creating new contacts