Making updates to a live website can be dangerous. Themes can have compatibility issues, plug-in updates can cause issues, and users on your site may experience problems if they're viewing the site during the update. Marketing360 Hosting has built-in tools to help! Follow the process below whenever updating WordPress, updating plug-ins, or adding new custom functionality.

Step 1: Create A Website Backup

  1. Log-in to Marketing360 Hosting by navigating to
  2. Click Backups from the admin menu on the left, then click the New Backup button in the top right corner of the page.
  3. In the settings window that appears, select which content to back up.
    • If you're making plug-in or WordPress updates, you'll need to include Code from Stage and the Database.
    • If you're making updates that include new items being added to the media library, be sure to include Uploads as well.
  4. Enter a name for the new backup that includes information relevant to the updates you're about to make. 
  5. Click Create Backup.

Step 2: Switch To The Stage Version Of The Site And Make Updates.

  1. Once you see the Backup Created notice in the the Notifications panel, click the Viewing Live Site tool in the top right corner of the page, then click View Stage. This will allow you to log-in to the stage version of the site that's not visible to your users.
  2. In a new tab, log-in to your site using the standard link.
  3. Make any necessary changes to the site.

Step 3: Deploy Your Changes

  1. When your changes are complete, navigate back to Marketing360 Hosting and click the Viewing Live Site tool in the top right corner of the page, then click Deploy. This will accomplish two things:
    • Create a new automated backup that includes the new updates.
    • Deploy the updates made on the Stage site to the live domain accessible by your users.
  2. Once you see the Deploy Completed notice in the the Notifications panel, test all updates on the live site to ensure everything is working properly.

Congratulations! You just launched new updates on your website!